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April 2021
• Elevation – Stephen King
• If it Bleeds – Stephen King
• Finders Keepers – Stephen King
• End of Watch – Stephen King
• Riding the Bullet – Stephen King

March 2021
• Later – Stephen King
• The Institute – Stephen King

February 2021
• The Naked Mind – Annie Grace
• Total Catastrophe Living – Jon Kabat-Zinn 

January 2021
• A Time for Mercy – John Grisham

December 2020
• The Midnight Library – Matt Haig 

November 2020
• A Fine Balance – Rohinton Mistry
• Calm the F*ck Down – Sarah Knight

October 2020
• Rage – Bob Woodward 

September 2020
• How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe – Charles Yu
• Becoming – Michelle Obama 

August 2020
• The Darwin Affair – Tim Mason
• Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng

July 2020
• The Book of Joy – Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu
• Educated: A Memoir – Tara Westover 

June 2020
• Everything is F*cked – Mark Manson
• White Fragility – Robin Diangelo

May 2020
• The Library Book – Susan Orlean
• Beyond Anger – Thomas J. Herbin, Ph.D

April 2020
• Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow

February 2020
• Just Mercy • Bryan Stevenson
• Talking to Strangers • Malcolm Gladwell 

January 2020
• The Great Believers • Rebecca Makkai 

December 2019
• Armada – Ernest Cline
• Gulp – Mary Roach

November 2019
• Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari
• The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

August 2019
• The Outsider – Stephen King
• Media Politics: A Citizen’s Guide – Shanto Iyengar 

July 2019
• Atomic Habits – James Clear
• The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris
• Believe Me – JP Delaney 

June 2019
• Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

• Buddhism for Beginners – Jack Kornfield

As the semester ends…

As the fall semester ends – my 12th term as a full-time educator – I figured I’d take a moment to reflect on what worked, what didn’t and how I might continue to improve both my own skills and the experiences of my future students.

December 11th, 2019|

The shallow end of the jury pool

The jury room, on the seventh floor of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice building in Miami, is cold and getting colder. As the room slowly empties as more and more prospective jurors are called to individual courtrooms, the loss of their collective body heat turns it from chilly to tundra.

December 9th, 2019|

Time for Arty Gras!

I realize I didn't come up with the term -- the first time I heard it was in relation to the DTLA (downtown Los Angeles) art walk -- but "Arty Gras" seems appropriate for the madness that is the annual Miami Art Week. But this time I have something to show! Whoo!

December 4th, 2019|

Broward/Palm Beach New Times piece on D&D published

It seems like I'm on a bit of a roll. And yes, that is a bit of a 20-sided dice joke. Anyhow, this is the fourth piece I've had published in the last two months. The latest is about the closure of a comic book shop in Coral Springs that hosted Dungeons & Dragons games. A lot of these shops seem to be closing despite the recent uptick in popularity of D&D. 

December 3rd, 2019|

A tragic day…

Many professors -- including myself -- assign an obit assignment to students where they write about the lives of one of their classmates. Though they find the exercise a bit macabre at first, they soon get into it, imagining their lives as famous journalists, activists or artists -- and surrounded by dozens of adoring grandchildren when they die happily at 105.

October 24th, 2019|

The Challenge: Days two, three and four

So, yeah. I already f***ed up. On Friday, I had an epically long day at work and after finally closing things up at about 9 p.m., the absolute last thing I wanted to do is head down to the gym. So I didn't. Oh well. But, fear not, as I worked out Saturday and Sunday, so I'm not too far behind. 

October 13th, 2019|

The seven day challenge

In preparation for an upcoming dragon boat race in Orlando, I'm going to commit to a seven-day challenge, using this blog for motivation and accountability. I'll post my progress here, along with my general feelings on the workout du jour, from now until next Thursday.

October 10th, 2019|

Sept. 11 — 18 years later

I imagine it's a bit strange to fly today. Even regular business travelers may get a slight hitch when they look at the date on their boarding pass. I certainly know I would. Though I only lived a single year in New York City -- when I was in grad school -- it was during the year following the 2001 attacks. The anniversary of that terrible day came only a few weeks after I had moved across the country and into my new apartment in Morningside Heights. Being a writer, I did a short reflection on the feelings from that day.

September 11th, 2019|

“Free” vs “included”

As the new semester starts at FIU, one of the more ballyhooed bits of news was the launching of the free shuttle between the main campus in Sweetwater and the Biscayne Bay Campus in North Miami. Prior to the vote by the university's board of trustees over the summer, students paid $2.50 to make the 25-mile, hour-long (or much longer) trek between the campuses. But it is not "free" as FIU's public relations folks and student government officials keep touting. It's "included."

August 28th, 2019|

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